The Following comments are from Clients  receiving from Asian Bodywork Club members or the Asian Bodywork Club  members themselves. If you are an Asian Bodywork Club Member and have a Testimonial you would like to add please

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"That was [Freaking] Awesome!" -Lisa W.

"I have had massages for over 35 years and 99% of all Massage Therapists are terrible, you are part of the other 1%" -Susan  K.

"This massage is at another level, I can't wait to come back for Part II...Face Down" -Jeffery S.

"Cost  of the 11 month [60 hour] Thai Massage Class...$400.
Having the client you worked on Saturday actually 'shimmey' into your  office, give you a thank you card and exclaim 'I'm linin' up customers for you'...PRICELESS!" -
Karen C.

"I learned more in your 5 hours with you than  in 2 months at [massage] school. I can't wait to practice these great techniques."-Kathy


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