Dr. B. Tony Zayner D.N.

Tony_ZaynerDr. B. "Tony" Zayner D,N.MSEd, MSOM, Doctor of Naprapathy and Illinois Licensed Acupuncturist, has been a  martial artist and student of Chinese philosophy and culture for over 40 years. He has owned a few successful schools of martial arts and was the 1988 /1989 undefeated U.S. National Tai Chi Push Hands champion and went to China as a U.S. team member for three successive international tournaments. In 1989, he moved to Taiwan to work for the Chinese government as a consultant for six government ministries and to teach at three of its top universities. There, he studied Mandarin, Chinese medicine, painting, calligraphy, Tai Chi and Chinese culture. He returned to Chicago in May of  2000 to complete his studies in clinical massage, Oriental medicine, clinical hypnosis and Naprapathy. He has also founded the Shu Family School of Tai Chi Ch'uan, the Asian Bodywork Club and the Movement Therapy Revolution.

Manuel Cruz

Manuel CruzManuel Cruz graduated from the New School of Massage in Chicago. He has been a student of Chinese philosophy, Culture and Massage Therapy for over four years. He has been an active member with the Asian Bodywork Club since March of 2006 and is a student of the Shu Family School of Tai Chi Ch'uan. He has a variety of experience in both clinical and private practices. Currently, Manuel works at Chiropractic offices and a Massage Clinic in Chicago while maintaining his private practice. Also listed on Thumbtack.com.


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